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Beyond Scaling Up: What’s it all about?

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A typical hospital sceneOn the 18 November, at the Global Symposium, we will be running a session entitled “Beyond Scaling Up”. This session will present findings and conclusions of a stream of work jointly organised by the Future Health Systems Consortium and the STEPS Centre.

The session will explore lessons from implementing large scale changes to health systems aimed at increasing access to important health services, particularly by the poor. These will include a study of the experience of a large donor-funded project for strengthening primary health care services in Northern Nigeria, the experience of the Ministry of Health of Brazil in extending a decentralised, rights-based health system to meet the special needs of indigenous people and the Chinese experience with the management of health system reform in the context of rapid economic and social change. 

Some background
Earlier this year a workshop was held at the Institute of Development Studies to:

  • Explore approaches that have fostered innovation, rapid learning and large-scale impact in the health sector that incorporate context and social arrangements as central to learning and change and;
  • Identify practical approaches for collaboration between innovators, researchers, governments and funding agencies to strengthen the capacity of health systems to meet the needs of the poor.

Find out more
We documented the meeting in various ways. If you want some in-depth analysis you can read the working paper that accompanies this stream of work. Those in a hurry can browse a 2 page briefing. If you are interested in a particular thematic area see the briefings below:

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